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Internet Gratis Telkomsel 8

Posted on 10, June 2011

in Category High Anonymous

APN : internet IP Proxy and Port: Port:80 Port:80 Port:80 Port:80 Port:9002 Set Opmin Handler: Http Server: Socket: socket:// Front Query: Kosong Remove: Centang Proxy Tipe: Host Proxy Server: source:

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Fast Streaming AJAX Proxy 3

Posted on 2, June 2011

in Category Uncategorized

…nloads the content from the external server and sends back to the browser. In general, all AJAX websites on the Internet that are showing content from external domains are following this proxy approach except some rare ones who are using JSONP. Such a proxy gets a very large number of hits when a lot of component on the website are downloading content from external domains. So, it becomes a scalability issue when the proxy starts getting millions

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Trik Three Update Agustus 2011 16

Posted on 26, August 2011

in Category Uncheck

…APN: kosongi – Proxy: kosongi – Port: kosongi SETING OPMIN 1 : – HTTP server: http:// – Socket server: socket:// – Frontquery: bin/nph-get.cgi/00010A/http/ atau : – Frontquery: cgi-bin/nph-get.cgi/000000A/http/ – Lainnya Standart – Ket: Bisa Download Via Direct Download SETING OPMIN

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Free Proxy: 04-Jan-2012 05:55:05 NEW 0

Posted on 4, January 2012

in Category Transparent

… / Transparent Country : United States Last Check : 2012-01-03 22:45:06 IP Proxy Address : / Transparent Country : Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Last Check : 2012-01-03 22:48:19 IP Proxy Address : / Transparent Country : South Africa Last Check : 2012-01-03 22:50:21 IP Proxy Address : / Transparent Country : Unknown Last Check : 2012-01-03

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